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Hey Barrie Reddit, long time lurker, enjoyer of Reddit , and resident. Always appreciate advice given with candor and honesty. This is my request…

I am need of a experienced electrician to come to my home and diagnose an issue. I am in full compliance for the initial fee (approx $100, I think). It’s a century home and just involves lights flickering and similar “glitches” throughout the home. If I was a betting man I would say that the neutral or ground wire has loosened a bit somewhere on the panel. Then expands / contracts depending on temp and amp usage. …but I’m a dingbat and relinquish all pride knowing I know nothing.

Looking for an honest person to assess/rectify. it is a century home….so my cynic mind imagines them saying …exxxxxcccceelllent. ( insert Mr. Burns twiddling his fingers).

The problem may be rectified by something simple, however, my ease of mind, and responbility to my fam keeps me from jamming a metal screwdriver anywhere near the thing. 🙂

Thanks for your help everyone….I read most all of posts and comments I can in all r/barrie, please continue to keep this sub going!!!🤘

Names, Phone numbers, or web sites (with reference) would b awesome…,we all abide.

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