Kids’ Birthday Parties

We have a few kids so we have at least one invitation to a birthday per month on average. I’m a little confused on social etiquette and our families haven’t experienced this. I’m not sure if this is Barrie-centric or just a new thing…

Last month, we RSVP’d to a party at a kid’s house and the parents asked how many adults and kids were attending. We said just our kid and proceeded to drop her off and pick her up at the stated times. Last week we had another party and when I went to drop her off, the parent at the door directed us both to the backyard. I awkwardly backed away while leaving my kid.

Yesterday we threw a birthday party. Most parents dropped off their kids but one parent just walked in and decided to stay. It felt really awkward. She was complaining about the heat so we moved the party inside and it kind of changed some planned activities.

Is this normal? I can’t remember other parents at parties when I was a kid unless they were obviously friends and I feel like this hasn’t happened in the past 5 years of our kids hosting/attending parties. Should I be staying with my kid when they are invited to a party? Should I be expecting parents for future parties?

I was having a crisis when literally every kid had ate before the noon party (I’d assume they are feeding my kid and send them with an empty belly) but now I’m wondering if I’m abandoning my kids at parties.

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