need advice on my drunk neighbour

any time he’s not working, he’s drinking. it could be 6AM, and he’s chugging beers. fine, he’s an alcoholic, and this is what he does, and it doesn’t harm anyone, except potentially when he goes to restock his supply of beer… he drives drunk.

i have run into him when he’s on his way to his car, and he has trouble speaking clearly, and he absolutely REEKS of booze. so – he gets into his car and drives to the beer store.

so – i guess what i am asking is – should i report him? it’s a 10-15 minute round trip for him to the Beer Store; would the cops even be able to get to him in time? bonus question : is there a way to report him without me being found out as the snitch?

i feel badly for the guy, but he is legitimately putting people’s live in danger.

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