Pricing problem at Zehrs

Hi…We went to the Zehrs on Yonge Street this afternoon and bought some ready made salads at the deli counter. The price in front of each of the salads was $1.99 per 100 grams (which is enough already). That works out to $19.90 per kilo. However, the price on the weight sticker was listed at $21.90 per kilo. When I said to the attendant that the price was wrong, he said “No, It’s the right price. I punched it in myself.” When I said it WASN’T the right price, he just repeated his comment, so I took it to Customer Service. They seemed to be at a loss as to what I was trying to tell them, and then they got on the phone to a manager. I said it was not a lot of money, but I didn’t want other people getting overcharged and they needed to fix their system. I wound up getting a refund for the difference, but it was more work than it needed to be. Moral…watch your receipts.

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