Barrie Car Break-Ins/Crime Reports

May 23d, 2019 Report of a vehicle break-in near Country Lane. Just a warning to everyone in the south end that someone broke in to my vehicle last night at about 1030. Last night I had my car unlocked, as I was transferring things into my home. The doors were all closed, but in the less than ten minutes it took me to put a load of laundry in and press the lock button on my car, it was too late. Someone had already taken the opportunity to enter and help themselves to my VISA and my tim's reward card. Whoever you are, thanks for being courteous enough to leave my stethscope and watch... the card has been cancelled and I hope you enjoy the free drink I was looking forward to today. Eventually the lovely energy that you are putting out into the world will make it's way back to you!! May 22nd, 2019 Report of a vehicle break-in on Tunbridge near Epsom. SO incredibly mad!!! My brand new van, that we've had only a month, was ransacked last night! Thankfully I dont keep any…

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