shore fishing for bass

Anyone know any good places to shore fish for bass in the barrie/innisfil wings of simcoe? Preferably more weedy areas or places with a lot of lily pads and low hanging trees, or even a bank that is maintained and has a tall grassline along the bank. I'm really trying to hook into the big bass this lake produces but out of the 5 years of living in barrie not a single predatory fish I've caught has come from simcoe, I have to trespass on a private quarry a few kilometers away and for only smallmouth bass, which are fun but I want some largemouth action as well I've caught millions of perch, crappie and big rock bass on full size swimbaits but no bass or even pike out of this trophy smallmouth lake, I've never caught anything over one pound out of simcoe View Reddit by TitanBeats_YT - View Source
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