frequently asked questions

Yes, within the dashboard area you have a personalized dashboard that allows you to edit, pause, delete, feature, bump, see statistics and mark your ads as being sold. Simply click on the (+) to the right of the ad to expand the available options.
Yes, you can register free and submit classified ads free. Our business directory listings are not free.
Bumping your ad is a simple way to get more exposure as when you bump your ad it moves to the top position of ads. We offer bump packs which bump your ad every 24 hours. We also offer a variety of upgrades to listings.
Claiming a business that is already listed is easy. Simply register an account and select Claim Business package here. We have the ability to port over your ad to your account so you can update ad details, profile, hours, photos, bump ads, feature ads, see statistics, moderate reviews, and much more. Get your own personalized dashboard.
Within your members area you can find a link called “edit profile here”. Within this area you can edit and add numerous things such as your Facebook, Twitter, an “about me” section, your website and many other things. Adding a profile picture is a great way to increase exposure to your ads.
You can post unlimited ads as long as they are not spam and/or duplicate content.
When creating a listing you are prompted to fill out a field called “tags”. Tags are simply keywords that refer to your ad listing. Example; If you were selling a used car your tag would be “used car”.
Adding images to your ad listings is not required but YOU should be adding them as it will increased the buyer confidence and allow people to see what they are potentially buying.
Featured ads get more exposure on the site which results in more exposure for your business or ad listings. You can feature your ad for 30 days.
Shortly after completing your first full ad listing we will verify your account which means you no longer have to wait for your ads to be approved. They will instantly go live!
Your ad will be approved within 24 hours but usually within a few hours. After your first completed listing you will become “verified” which allows you to bypass the moderation stage and have your ads posted immediately.
Yes. Adding a location allows people in specific areas to find your ad listings.