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If anyone needs a pharmacy in barrie This is the best pharmacy I have ever been

If anyone needs a pharmacy in barrie This is the best pharmacy I have ever been with ! I honesty can not get over the amazing on going service we continue to get from them! Hamilton Dias is one of the best around I will never change pharmacy services unless I move out of the city and have no choice. The amount of times I have had a surgery and and came home later then planned and he was able to fill my meds before he left at 6 pm so I didn't have to go with out and be in pain lol or was able to help me figure out complicated situations with medical I couldn't understand. I have a long complicated on going history of health conditions and always seeing new drs and surgeons and he is always on top of things ! I truly can not thank them enough for what they do for us. So spreading the word is the lest I can do you won't be disappointed. They also have a virtual walk in clinic highly recommended!! The staff is always so friendly and helpful and there to help you anything you need…
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So Monday evening i was enjoying my time at the centinnial beach waterfront

So Monday evening i was enjoying my time at the centinnial beach waterfront which was short lasted considering there was a parking ticket on my dash. I thought parking was free for barrie residents? Now I donโ€™t mind paying for parking ticket but 100 DOLLARS is just too much. If anyone know any workaround it pls let me know thanks. Source
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For those that eat meat sticks products. Is Food Basics is misleading/cheating

For those that eat meat sticks products. Is Food Basics is misleading/cheating their customers, you decide. It took a few of us in the store yesterday to catch what was up but when we did we were not impressed. The are advertising 500 gr original meet sticks for the sale price but no original flavor available just a variety of others in smaller grams. I wonder how many people got charged for 500 grams when they only received 300 grams. To some of you it may not be a big deal but if they doing this kind of stuff what else are they doing? Oh wait they also adversities our beautiful Canadian blueberries on sale but only U.S. barries available. So where are the Canadian berries or where are the products you advertising is my question ๐Ÿค” and the answer from staff. Not my job/problem I just work here!!!! Are customers not important anymore, is common courtesy no longer a thing!!!! Source
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URGENT REQUEST: Basic supplies for a new mom in the community. Anything that ca…

โ€ผ๏ธ URGENT REQUEST: Basic supplies for a new mom in the community. Anything that can be offered will be welcomed! If you have something that you can donate, please contact us at 705-327-7383 ext 123 or by email at [email protected] #Orillia #Barrie #Ontario Source by Green Haven Shelter for Women
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Are you a Barrie business looking for more customers? We are looking for Barrie businesses who would like to donate small gift cards ($5,$10,$15. They can be virtual) to be given away as prizes in our contests and giveaways. In return, you will be added as one of our sponsors recommended throughout the site and we will regularly post about your business via social media.

Your business is also added to our sponsors page and it results in more views to your ad, which increases position within the Barrie Ads community.

We love to give away prizes and also share local businesses. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your business and obtain more customers. Simply email us or reach out via social media to connect!

About our Giveaways

We are all about giving back to our readers and advertisers. Outside of our regular social media contests, we also have a Prize Wheel, giving users a chance to win a prize. Below you can see some examples o…

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Understanding PPC Terminology for Local Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC), is advertising in which you pay each time a visitor clicks your ad. Most advertising platforms work on either the PPC model or the Impressions model which is called CPM (cost per 1000 impressions).

Knowing the terminology surrounding online marketing can help you make more effective campaigns.

In most cases, we suggest starting with PPC until you can fine tune your advertising campaigns. However, if you have ad creatives with a high click-thru rate (CTR), I would suggest converting that campaign to the CPM model as you will likely reduce your CPC (cost per click) dramatically.

And just like that, you have learned four PPC abbreviations and below are a few more to help you get started with some profitable campaigns.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); More PPC Terminology Conversion rate: the percentage that you turn visitors into customers, buyers, subscribers, etc.Bounce Rate:…
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Barrie Small Business Tips

Are you a small business owner in Barrie? Are you looking to establish yourself online and build a presence?

In this post, we will look at some common mistakes small businesses make, and some tips to help them out along the way, in the ever changing world of SEO and online advertising.

Most people think of 'online' as Facebook or Instagram and will start immediately advertising on these platforms before implementing important elements to their website. When it comes to establishing your business online, you have many factors to consider.

Before you even start advertising online, you should ensure your website has some of these important elements:

Contact Details - Ensure you have all details available about your business. e.g: phone number, email, business hours, location, etc.Call for action button(s) - A call to action button is one that entices a website visitor to take an action, whether that be to signup for something or purch…
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Rank higher in Google for Barrie keywords

Looking to rank higher for a specific keyword or keyphrase? Isn't everyone?

Tip: Submit your business to our Barrie directory for a Dofollow link below.

An easy way to help increase your website page rank would be to obtain "do-follow" backlinks. Do-follow links pass on link juice as they are seen as votes of credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Is it easy to obtain do-follow backlinks? It can be a challenge depending on the type of site you have or the niche your in. It tends to be harder for small local businesses as opposed to those with bigger budgets. If your a small local business in Barrie, you can get links from any other Barrie business and it will be beneficial.

5 ways to get Barrie do-follow links Post incredibly compelling content and naturally receive them.Network with others in your space to trade links. You can do this by creating a resources, testimonials or partners page.Comment on relevant blogs.Leverage social media…
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Using a Domain Email vs Gmail

Is it really important to have a domain email for business use? The simple answer is YES...

Customers expect you to have a website and also a professional email. Emails play a role in customer retention and having the proper email extension can give you authority.

An email extension like [email protected] looks much better than [email protected] By having a more professional email you are helping with your own branding as opposed to helping brand Gmail. Using a domain email will help with credibility and professionalism.

Gain Authority by using a Domain email for your business. Own a Barrie Business? Add your business to our directory here Benefits of Using a Domain Email Stand out moreBrandingAuthoritySecurityCustomer retentionIncreased trust in your businessFlexibility to add more emails (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Not Ready to Leave Gmail?

Are you stubborn and refuse to l…

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