A heads up to all! This “paving company” has hit various areas of the city befo

A heads up to all!
This “paving company” has hit various areas of the city before moving on we think to Durham.
Homeowners are being bullied and intimidated into giving them money. They tear up the driveway and disappear, or do a terrible job and then frighten the homeowner into paying them anyway.
They then leave a terrible mess that they never come back for.
Their phone number rings through to an always-full voice mailbox. We checked out the address on their flyers and property management says they’ve never heard of them. Even their license plates are fake.
Police say it isn’t fraud as they start work, usually by tearing up a part of the existing drive.
This is a sophisticated scam. The company name may be changed by now.
Victims say the people they speak with have noticeable Irish accents.
They don’t seem selective with their targeting but many of the people who have been ripped off are seniors, new Canadians, single parents – all good people who didn’t deserve this.
If you have dealt with them and have any details please feel free to send us a dm. And please share this warning, especially in Ajax, Oshawa areas where it seems they went next.


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