Hello fellow neighbours! A message from Christmas Cheer Barrie

Hello 👋 fellow neighbours!
A message from Christmas Cheer Barrie

122K of our 280K goal
We need our donations ASAP we start our distribution in 6 days. We need all donations no later than this saturday dec 17th.
Any food, toys and money please. We need our community and we cannot let our families down. We have already approved their applications and we need to pull through. How do we go back to our families in need and say no, we dont have enough… we’re sorry to let you down. How many times have these families heard that? We will not let them down. We need our community who has always come through for us… this year more than ever.

Thank you to our volunteers, board and committe members this is a volunteer run charity and without our city, our corporations, companies and small businesses, individuals and families this would not be feasible.

Lets get together and take care of the families weve commited to serving!

We are ONE, Christmas cheer!
Sandra Yaquo- vice president, christmas cheer

Christmas cheer still needs donations !
We are very short on Donations this year !
List of things we still need !
Board games ages 7-10
Puzzles ages 4 -10
Mittens & toques all ages
Our toys for 7-10 male / female are very low
Our infant section is completely empty .
Newborn to age 2 is empty
Boy ages 5-6 empty
Girls ages 6-7 empty
Boys ages 9-10 empty

Christmas Cheer also participates in the Mother Hubbards cupboard program !
Nothing is wasted !
Whatever is not packed into Christmas Cheer bags gets sorted to be donated to other Organizations such as
– [ ] Food locker at Georgian College
– [ ] Youth Haven
– [ ] David Busby street Center
– [ ] Barrie Food Bank
– [ ] Salvation Army

Drop off at 49 Truman Rd Barrie
Drive to back of the building and look for the Christmas Cheer sign !


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