Hello friends! Do you have an extra Instant pot kicking around at home?

Hello friends!

Do you have an extra Instant pot kicking around at home? If you do, would you consider donating it to Fresh Food Weekly?

Each month, members of our community come together to cook soup broth at Thorganic Farms and we include one-litre containers of this broth, frozen, in each of our monthly meal boxes for low-income families living #Barrie. In addition, all of the ingredients have been donated by local farmers, including Stone Horse Farm, Gaetano’s Green Acre Farms, Dominion Farm Produce Ltd and Cookstown Greens!

We are also looking for 1-2 more volunteers who can come out and help us peel, chop and boil on Monday, July 4th beginning at 10am at Thorganic Farms, located at 7030 10th line, #Thornton.

We did our first broth party back in May, and CTV Barrie stopped by to do a nice news segment for us! You can check it out here ☺️:


And I want to thank Terry Williams and his wife Karen Lang Williams from Terry’s Unique Hot Sauce for heading this event! Thank you for being such a huge support of this program 🙏❤️.

If you have an extra instant pot you’d be interested in donating, please send me a PM and we can arrange a pickup (or drop off!)

And if you’re available to come out on Monday to help with the soup broth, please send me a PM for the details!

Thank you for your support!


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