Reports have been made to both the police and company

NOTE: this happened Thursday. Reports have been made to both the police and company.

My husband rented a car from enterprise. By the time he got home he was notified of an AirTag near him. We set off the notification and found the AirTag in the glove box strategically placed in a sealed kit/manual. Around that time a silver mustang suv slowed down and parked across the street in the neighbours driveway.

My husband left to go ditch the AirTag and the suv left too. So he followed it. It began driving aggressively out to the country (Sunnidale). He followed it with me on the phone and gave me the plate number. We reported the incident to the police and the comment was that the plate number was not valid. I also spoke to the neighbour who stated they did not know the vehicle in their driveway.

He returned the vehicle early the next day because Enterprise was closed by the time of discovery (we boxed it in our driveway) and the same vehicle, different plate, was driving around the rental place. He didn’t bother following again

If you’re renting a vehicle please drive for a bit before going home so that you’re notified of a tracking device. It took about 15 minutes after he got into the vehicle to be notified. Thanks.


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