Why should I purchase a membership on BarrieAds?

Are you finding yourself trying to justify a membership purchase on BarrieAds? Let us help persuade you into a great decision going into the 2024 year. The fact is, if you can obtain one or two customers from our membership it will pay for itself for the entire year. Depending on your price points, margins, ROI and CLV (customer lifetime value) of-course.

We know that advertising can be expensive and our goal was to provide an alternative self serve platform for Barrie businesses to reach residents at a fraction of the cost. We currently have a Holiday promotion which you can save 40% off on our memberships.

Reasons to Upgrade One fee for the year. Gain search engine rankings with high value backlink. Reach thousands of targeted Barrie area residents. Edit/Boost your ad as you chose. Have your ads up within minutes with our self serve platform. Ad bumps every 24 hours automatically. Social media promotions on our MASSIVE groups.…
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