Fishing in Willow Creek?

I was just curious if anyone has had any success in fishing in Willow Creek on the north end of Barrie. Went for a walk along some trails and noticed some good spots I could come back and fish from, wondering if it’s worth a shot? View Reddit by ThisWildCanadian - View Source
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Shore Fishing Spots around Barrie

Whether you are looking to fish yourself or take the little ones fishing, there are lots of fishing opportunities for people looking to shore fish in and around Barrie. Below you will find some great little spots where you will find fish and are within a short distance.

Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe has many shore fishing opportunities and this can be seen down at the waterfront as it's quite a popular spot come summer. From what I understand, many seek out large Pike at night along the rocks near the old Hooters. This is a deeper area, so be sure to use weedless hooks as each summer day passes the growth only gets worse. I have also seen lots of walleye in this area swimming near the shores near dusk. There is a break-wall with a dirt trail behind the spirit catcher which is quite popular for people fishing for perch and whitefish.

The Tiffen Boat Launch area is another great spot to catch Bass from the shore. Just be sure to keep your bait off the bottom…

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