The group is fast approaching half a million visitors a month

The group is fast approaching half a million visitors a month thanks to ALL members participating. Remember, high quality posts on the group are more likely to be posted on our website!

With growth comes some growing pains that were constantly looking to address. Here are a few below were addressing or have addressed.

Growing Pains

👉 Missing cats posts no longer accepted. There are plenty of groups specifically for this reason. The feed was getting clogged up with too many cross posted missing cat posts.
👉 Duplicate generic questions. Please use the group search function prior to asking as someone had likely already asked.
👉 Member conflict. This is an ongoing issue all over the internet as well as here. Remember to be kind and courteous as we do house keeping to keep things positive.
👉 No posting of License plates. Blur them out to avoid decline/deletion.
👉 Spam links such as the tracker instagram nonsense. Please report these comments immediately.

Thanks once again to everyone participating!


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