This is very concerning. We were woken up early Saturday morning at 2:09am

This is very concerning. We were woken up early Saturday morning at 2:09am to the doorbell ring. We have a dog and she went nuts. My wife noticed someone getting in a car across the street. I put some clothes on went to the door. I looked outside there was no one to be seen. I proceeded to go out onto my deck with the dog. There was no one to be seen but this silver car parked across the road.  I grab something to protect myself and walk right up to their car shining my flashlight in the drivers face until they open the window. I then I asked him did you ring my doorbell. he said no not me. So I shine my flashlight on the passenger. This guy was all slumped over trying to hide away. I asked him did he ring my doorbell he said he no as well. So I said someone in this car did. I asked who’s in the backseat. The back window open and the guy said wasn’t me I’m too drunk to run. At this point I notice there was 4 or 5 guys in the car around 17 – 20 years old. I then turn to the driver and said you got no F-ing reason to be here so you better get the F out of here now. The driver started his car and left. I took down the license plate and called the cops. From the video you can clearly see they left their doors open for a quick getaway with the driver still in the car. Please be aware these guys are definitely up to no good. If you zoom in closely as they go up my driveway it looks like they are putting on a mask. Please be careful and stay safe.


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