To the person who left this note on my car

To the person who left this note on my car:

This parking spot, is one of two by my work. I did not remove the other two, our city did.

The city also removed parking passes for the street outside of my work leaving only handicap as an all day spot within a reasonable distance for me. Generally, despite having a handicap parking pass I would park in regular spots close to work unless having a really bad day and then I would park in the closest spot to work.

I am unable to walk from the library or from the TD parking garage to get to and from work daily, and considering I have a handicap pass, it allows me to park in handicap spaces to allow ease to and from my vehicle.

I have never gotten a parking ticket, therefore, I am not breaking any rules parking there.

I can see my car from my work and there are always spots open in front of me and around me that allow a 2 hour limit to them, so why is this particular spot needed ? This is not a van specific spot, if you have a handicap pass, you are able to park in any spot without paying as long as you follow the parking limits posted, so why feel the need to write a note trying to shame me for following the same rules you would have ?

I have had far too many people write notes or say something in person about me using handicapped spots, without considering that not all disabilities are visible.

They don’t just hand the passes out like toothbrushes at the dentist’s office so maybe that should be taken into consideration before you open your mouth or write a note.

Did you sit and watch my car to see how long it was parked? I haven’t been parked outside of my work in some time so it’s not like this is something that affects you daily and you were pushed past your limits.

Just don’t make sense how you tell me to be considerate when you lack consideration.


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