**UPDATE: Cat is off the roof! Mike Mullay was at my home and on my roof

**UPDATE: Cat is off the roof! Mike Mullay was at my home and on my roof within 25 minutes of the post being made. He spent time helping the cat to relax. It is unknown how long the cat was up there but it was in distress as there was vomit & feces on the roof. Later on another neighbour Donte came to support as he was passing by. The cat was not open to being held and escaped one of the rescuers Donte hands upon decent. The jump was not far and the cat scurried away and hopped the fence without issue.

I received a few DMs about this cat getting regularly stuck on roofs in this neighbourhood. It is apparently housed on the street behind mine which is where the cat ran to.

Thank you kindly to your those who helped get this cat to safety.**

Thank you to those who helped. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

If you know the owner of this cat please dm any info. Cat stuck! Please DM me if you are able to help. This is not my cat but it is on my roof top which is too high for them to jump. The cat is meowing in distress and I do not own a ladder nor do I have experience handling cats in distress nor do I have confidence on a ladder doing such. I’m in the south end of Barrie plz message if you know who I can call to assist. Most rescue services are closed on Sunday. I had a couple come by who said they’d be back in an hour but the cat looks like it may try and jump. SOUTH BARRIE OFF MAPLEVIEW & COUNTRY LANE DM FOR DIRECT ADDRESS IF YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP.


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