As this has broken me into tears for days having to post this and will be taken

As this has broken me into tears for days having to post this and will be taken very seriously (hence the LONG post) but,
I am needing to REHOME TWO female cats, Bella and Luna. They are the most affectionate & lovable cats you will ever meet and have both been through a lot as at one point they were all I ever had.

Bella is a 3 year old diluted torti calico who loves playing fetch, snuggling under blankets, and will melt your heart with the amount of cuddles and love she has to give you. As she has become more dominant and sassy at times over the years it is believed she may be better off as a single cat now due to her anxiety.
Luna is a 2 year old affectionate, playful tabby who loves anyone that will pet her, she enjoys lounging anywhere she can fit, especially in boxes and will always be the first one checking out the food you’re eating (especially if it’s a hotrod). As Luna and Bella have practically grown up with each other since their first day with me they do have some love for each other so they can be homed together but can be separated as well as we no longer have anywhere for them. (Preferably with no other animals)

They are both fixed/spayed, microchipped & have had their shots. I am also willing to supply food, litter and whatever else you are needing/wanting for them.

These girls have been my whole world since the day I got them and have given them such an amazing life so far and they helped save mine, I’m hoping someone will be able to save theirs and love my fur-babies just as much as I have and still do. I’ve unfortunately dealt with recent living issues & was unable to continue living where I was living before & unfortunately my cats are no longer able to stay where they are now due to other animals and safety issues and we have began to run out of options😭 If anybody knows of any possible fosters, animal rescues or anyone that is willing to love my fur-babies and help me please let me know as soon as possible as this has broken me beyond breaking, I want them to be going to someone that will care and love for them the way they deserve and am hoping to make the SPCA my last resort.


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