Barrie Housing asked me to remove this post because people might want to harm th

Barrie Housing asked me to remove this post because people might want to harm this woman. So I’m going to remove a lot more details so it’s impossible to figure out who she is at all.

Since posting this, there’s been an outreach of support, including a program for the eldest son to go out paint balling for the day, all expenses covered, a social worker wants to personally help her and another woman has paid for her meal box.

So I’m going to remove all details but keep the story because I need to fundraise more money.

A few nights ago, I encountered a young boy who looked upset. He asked me to call the cops because his step dad is beating his mom.

Of course I called 911. Shortly after, I met his mother and we started talking – she has four kids, and she admitted this wasn’t the first time he’s been physical with her as well.

After speaking with her for a bit, I could see that she was under an unbelievable amount of stress, an amount that I couldn’t even imagine.

She openly admitted she knew he’s no good and needs to go, but explained it’s easier said then done. During our conversation, her son would occasionally cry out, saying he can’t live like this anymore.

This was so heartbreaking to witness. I signed her up for the monthly meal box program right away, obviously.

After this encounter, they asked me to go home with them because if I was there, the boyfriend wouldn’t yell at them. So I went with them. The youngest child was sleeping on his father’s lap on the couch and the other two were sitting on a sofa in the living room watching TV. The house was very clean and tidy. When I walked in, the boyfriend started speaking to me quite rudely, and asked if I was believing their lies. I snapped back and said “excuse me, I don’t like the way you’re talking to me”… he said a few other things but actually calmed down pretty quickly.

I said hello to her other sons, who seemed pretty excited to have a guest in the house. The second-youngest was very happy to show me all his toys. Her children seemed to be very nice and happy children. I stayed for a short tour and then went back home.

I met the cops on my way home and told them everything about the evening. Then they went in to check on everyone.

You know, as I continue to do this food charity, I continue to meet more and more women who are struggling to a point where their life is literally just unbearable. And in this case, I met a young boy who is dealing with things that no child should ever have to deal with. Ever.

I don’t know why this woman hasn’t kicked her boyfriend to the curb yet, but instead of judging her for it, I’m just going to help her in the way that I can; with food.

I personally know women who are living with men who beat them because doing this ensures there’s a roof over their head and food on the table for her children. Leaving would only ensure the children go hungry. Seeing this is actually heartbreaking. Whoever runs these social assistance government programs refuses to provide enough for innocent children to eat and they’re 100% okay with this.

Well, I AM NOT OKAY with this!

If you are reading this today, and are in a position to help, you can sponsor a low-income family living in Barrie with a meal box for $45 through Fresh Food Weekly. If you would like your sponsorship to go to a single mom specifically, I can do that. If you would like your sponsorship to go to a disabled person or an elderly person, I can do that too. If you would like to personally deliver your sponsored meal box to a low-income family, you can do that. This is actually my favourite part of doing this meal box delivery program. The items in our boxes are high quality and the recipients love getting them! Sometimes, a new recipient will cry when they receive one for the first time. It’s actually one of the best feelings in the world knowing you actually improved the quality of someone’s life.

If you would like to sponsor a family, please send me a PM to make arrangements.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this huge posting ❤️.


Ps. Here’s a short video of our last meal box delivery day, incase you’re interested in seeing us in action!


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