Hello friends of Fresh Food Weekly, I’m super excited to announce that the lis

Hello friends of Fresh Food Weekly,

I’m super excited to announce that the list of items for the #Thanksgiving meal box is out!

We will be delivering Thanksgiving meal boxes to 75 low-income families in #Barrie on Thursday, October 6th, 2022.

As always, I would like to give a big thank you to all our wonderful donors and food suppliers. Without all of you, these families wouldn’t be getting a Turkey dinner this Thanksgiving. 🙏

I’m absolutely thrilled to be offering our program recipients the option of either a Turkey or a ham, cranberry sauce and stove top stuffing mix (from Joe’s No Frills and Zehrs), carrots and onions (from Dominion Farm Produce Ltd), beets (from Springh Farms), potatoes, garlic, pepper squash, butternut squash, pie pumpkins, and cucumbers (from Harris Farm Markets), milk (from Costco), celery, romaine lettuce and leaf lettuce (from Gaetano Green Acre Farms), apples (from Hewgill Orchards), a wedge of mild Gouda cheese (from Continental Specialties, Dutch Market), a pound of butter (from Alliston Creamery & Dairy), gluten-free pasta (from NuPasta), morning rounds (from Ozery Family Bakery), Portuguese pastries (from Caldense Bakery ), various desserts (from Don’s Bakery Muskoka), butter tarts (from The Sweet Oven Inc), bread (from Fox’s Bakery and Deli) and a women’s care package (from the Canadian Toggle Fashion House).


If you would like to sponsor a low-income family in Barrie with a Thanksgiving meal box for only $45, please send me a PM! If you would like to apply for a meal box, please fill out our application form on our homepage ☺️.


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