Hey everyone, Fresh Food Weekly is hosting a School Snacks Food Drive for fami

Hey everyone,

Fresh Food Weekly is hosting a School Snacks Food Drive for families with children in elementary school who aren’t able to afford food.

This isn’t an exaggeration either. I personally know people who are actually going hungry, and with school starting just around the corner, there’s so much extra stress because families can’t even afford to send their kids to school with snacks.

The CEO of Food Banks Canada says this summer is their toughest in history. Even the food bank in Barrie is experiencing the most amount of users they’ve ever had. For so many families right now, the food bank is the only way they’re able to eat at all 😞.

So throughout the month of August, we’ll be accepting school snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated, for children in kindergarten to grade eight.

Things like juice boxes, goldfish crackers, rice crispy squares, granola bars, bear paws, teddy grahams, etc., are more then welcome!

Unfortunately we cannot accept items that contain nuts or traces of nuts.

If you would like to make a school snacks donation, please send me a PM to arrange a pickup or drop off at 380 Duckworth Street here in Barrie! 🤗😊❤️



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