Hi all, Wanted to share a recent raccon expirience

Hi all,
Wanted to share a recent raccon expirience. Last night we left our windows open, but screens closed for our kitchen windows, since it’s so nice and refreshing when it rains to get a fresh breeze.
There was a raccoon in the middle of the night the pierced a hole in the screen, and used its paws to open it and come in the kitchen. We know this because we have paw prints all over the kitchen. The worrisome part is that we don’t know if the Racoon is still in the house or if it left.
We have security cameras around the house but not the angel that the racoon would have entered from so we are unsure if the racoon islurking in the house. Does anyone have ideas of what to do?
Also wanted to share because lately I’ve seen racoons go crazy in this area!
I’m in the Ferndale south area.
Lesson learned- don’t sleep with out windows open, even if the screen door is closed:P


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