I have some very exciting news to announce!

I have some very exciting news to announce!!

I have finally secured a new, beautiful space in the South end of #Barrie, and it’s everything I need to make my charity a home! It even comes with a board room to talk strategies with my teams and volunteers!

So now I’ll be able to focus on helping even more families, more regularly.

In fact, Fresh Food Weekly will be partnering with a new catering company in Barrie, Ritchies Wings and Salad, to offer a new meal program for seniors. This partnership will allow us to deliver delicious, pre-made meals to low-income elderly individuals on a weekly basis.

Isn’t that awesome!? 👏🙌😄 I am BEYOND thrilled to be able to start doing this!!

So now I’m looking for some fridges for my new space. Do you have an extra fridge in your basement that you don’t need anymore? Did you just buy a new fridge and are waiting for it to arrive and now you won’t be needing your current one for much longer? Or even better, do you have a commercial fridge you don’t need anymore!? If so, please send me a PM because we could definitely use your extra fridge to store fresh food that will be given to low-income families here in Barrie 🤗.

… here’s a quick video from our October meal box delivery day… so you can kinda see what we’re all about 😉

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide!



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