I posted about my accident last week but I am still looking for witnesses

Good morning!
I posted about my accident last week but I am still looking for witnesses or footage.
If anyone saw what happened or was passing the road at that time who has dashcam, please let me know.

This was what happened 2weeks ago on Tuesday July 11th, 2023 around 12:55pm on Mapleview Drive West and Hwy 400 intersection (Beside Scotia bank). And I tried to explain everything that I remember.
My husband and I went to Walmart and as we were in the parking lot we were driving slowly since it is a busy area as well. The car behind us started to honk and come very close to us.
We came to the traffic light to turn right at the exit around CIBC bank, the driver was yelling at us, clearly very angry. So he and my husband argued with each other in their own car.

As soon as the light turned green, we turned right to Mapleview Drive West to eastbound. That driver from the parking lot was still following us and driving very fast. He drove to the left lane very fast, passing us and suddenly merged onto our lane and then stopped in front of us and It was also in the middle of the road.
We were unable to stop the car since it was so sudden and everything happened so fast.
It was a minor accident and nobody got hurt.
However I am still getting stressed and beating myself up over this situation and how I should not have gone there during that day.

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate your kindness.
Have a great day 😊


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