I wanted to share what happened to us early Monday morning.

I wanted to share what happened to us early Monday morning. Myself and my kids were jerked awake by the sound of the carbon monoxide detectors in the early hours. I quickly got the kids and our pets outside as I called 911. When emergency services arrived they found my house was filled with carbon monoxide.

We all got out safely and now my furnace is being replaced.

I have inline carbon monoxide/smoke detectors on each floor and 2 battery operated detectors. 4 out of the 5 detectors worked. We are alive to tell this story.

I get my furnace cleaned yearly and I change my filters every quarter. I hadn’t had my fall cleaning yet because of the nice weather. They would have detected that there was an imminent failure issue.

As it turns out we had been experiencing the effects of carbon monoxide exposure for weeks but didn’t equate them to CO exposure. Headaches, dizziness, tired, upset tummies, mental fog etc.

I’m sharing our story to tell you to check your batteries, check the expiration date on your detectors, get your furnace cleaned and inspected yearly. My furnace was aging and I did expect it to break down in the coming years but I didn’t expect it to try to kill us along the way. Thank you Barrie Fire services


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