I was at zenetec car wash located at 499 veterans dr

I was at zenetec car wash located at 499 veterans dr , Monday November the 6 at around 1:00 I had vacuumed out my vehicle I had taken out my brand new car seat and placed it on the pavement I went to go wash my mats which was at the end now within 3 minutes someone had come and stolen my sons car seat . I am posting here to in any hope that the person who had taken it could please return or if someone sees this same exact one for sale anywhere to please message me . I do not my any means have any money to purchase another one and can’t even take my son out now as I don’t have a car seat this was just purchased last week I am beyond devastated and can’t even understand how someone could do this . I am praying this post will get out and my car seat will be returned please 🙏🏼


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November 9, 2023 9:37 am

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