Just a heads up, I got gas at the Pioneer at Yonge and Cox Mill

Just a heads up, I got gas at the Pioneer at Yonge and Cox Mill at around 7:30pm. I chose prepay and the Silver grade (177.6), and when I began to pump the gas, I noticed the pump had activated the Silver grade, but also the Platinum grade (199.7). The way I noticed this was that the blue light was turned on for both grades, when it normally should only light up the one you selected, and turn off the other two. When I pressed for the receipt, I confirmed it charged me the Platinum grade price. I brought It to the station attendants attention, but I didn’t see him put the pump out of order. I normally don’t even bother to ask for a receipt at the pump, but I didn’t like that I was told it was my responsibility, when it’s actually the gas stations responsibility to make sure the pumps work accurately, and that when a customer selects a specific grade of gas, that’s the price they pay, not the highest price. I was reimbursed, but wanted to share this experience to warn others to check their receipts.


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