Not sure if this is aloud but I’m having a huge issue…

Not sure if this is aloud but I’m having a huge issue… every other week I keep putting garbage out and buying tags for each bag (that didn’t work so double tags now per bag!) And they still dont take them!? I’m 35 weeks pregnant 5feet tall and 125lbs… I CAN LIFT THEM so it’s not that it’s too heavy/large. It’s been over a month since they have taken my trash and the city keeps trying to then charge me for the trash being in my backyard ripped up by the animals, when I clean it every 3 days while keeping up with a toddler and 35weeks pregnant, I buy garbage tags nonstop to fix the issue. I don’t drive so I can’t bring stuff to the dump even though I’m willing to pay and I have no idea what to do, I’ve contacted the city even and no response. Is this just an issue I’m having or is this common, I’ve lived in Barrie on my own for 6 years and never had this issue


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