At Whereabouts Unknown we care about you and your families.
And that involves alerting you to scammers who may be working in your neighborhoods right now.
We have had a number of people reach out about a scam that is taking thousands of $$$ from seniors, single parents and basically anyone with a driveway.
Year after year this group targets innocent Canadians with their fly-in crews of bullies, often with Irish accents.
Their convincing “sales” people knock on the door and talk to you about a great deal on driveway paving. Before you agree they’ve torn up your existing driveway and they bully you into paying them for the “work” they’ve done.
Vulnerable seniors are being intimidated into going to the bank to withdraw cash to pay them. And if they do “pave” your driveway they seem to use a mix of rock and some tar that washes away as soon as they’re gone.
People tell us they’ve made complaints to police services in several cities across Canada, including Barrie, ON, (where they are right now) Newmarket, Kingston, Caledon and other locations.
And to be clear – there are a number of amazing paving companies out there who work hard and provide excellent work. Sadly, this group sometimes uses their names or variations of them.
We suggest taking your time and doing your homework before committing. And if you feel bullied or threatened by a paving salesperson, go inside your home, lock your doors and call police.
If you’ve seen these scammers in your area please drop the city in comments.
See what they’ve been up to in previous years here:


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