Since this pub is not sincerely interested in taking accountability

Since this pub is not sincerely interested in taking accountability for their part of this altercation and continues to delete all comments or posts that are the actual truth given it reflects poorly on them here is the real story.. yes there was an altercation that Saturday night, I’m not sure if the man was asked to leave or not but he was alone when the fight first broke loose. He was jumped by at least 4 guys and 2 females who must be regulars as the bar’s security people did absolutely nothing to help the single man getting beat on by an entire group , shortly after his assumed family arrived (3 woman and atleast 2 minors) and tried to separate the man from the many people who were all hitting him. This lead to some full grown men out of the group of people who had started the fight throwing full punches on the poor women just trying to help de-escalate since this bar clearly wasn’t willing to lend any help and even a few hits were laid on the minors who had even shouted out at the fact they were minors. There was no mistake for what really happened here and this is when the bar FINALLY stepped in (once hearing the cops would be called).. by hiding the guilty party behind the bar and letting them out the back doors so they would not face any trouble. This situation is sickening and I truly hope that video footage gets checked out and I’d love to see them post it to out how truly disgusting this business is.


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