STILL MISSING Ferguson Drive, Barrie (Leacock dr, Livingstone st W area)


Ferguson Drive, Barrie (Leacock dr, Livingstone st W area).

Oliver slipped out around 1am on April 6 as my friend left my house. He was last seen exiting the backyard towards Leacock. We are new to the area as of April 1 and moved from Draper Cres in Barrie so he could potentially be trying to find his way back there.

He is 13 years old, microchipped, wearing a blue plaid collar with a tag, and neutered. He is indoor only but enjoys time on his leash. He has long grey hair & currently has a SHAVED FRONT LEG from blood work. He is medically fragile but stable and has a specialist appointment coming up.

He has slipped out once before at our old house and we found him nearby under a neighbours car. Please keep an eye out, check in garages/sheds/under decks/etc. He does love treats & is typically super friendly so he may be enticed out if he isn’t in survival mode.

Please reach out is seen or found. He is my everything and I miss him so terribly 😔♥️

Thank you!!


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