What is with the rush to get on the ramp for the highway?

What is with the rush to get on the ramp for the highway? I cross as a pedestrian 5 days a week at the on ramp on mapleview just past barrieview dr. And today a driver in a redish colour pickup truck drove around me, I was already a quarter of the way across on my green light and when I looked up in shock at nearly being run down, I was dismayed that it was another couple and he gives me a wave thanks, as if I had waved him through. Last week same scenario with some kid. The week before it was someone else. I have been nearly hit a minimum of 3 times a week for years now. Why do drivers think they own the road, it is actually the law that when it’s the pedestrians green light, the driver before making the turn must wait till they are safely across the street and on the opposite curb before making the turn. I’m so tired of nearly being hit! Drivers, slow down, let the pedestrian cross safely and be respectful of them.


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