Woot woot! What a fantastic day today was!! We just finished up

Woot woot! What a fantastic day today was!! We just finished up our first official monthly delivery day. Although we did these meal boxes for Christmas and Easter, June was Fresh Food Weekly’s first “monthly” meal box!

Firstly, I want to thank all the local businesses who made today’s meal boxes possible! Thank you Continental Specialties for your heavenly mild Gouda cheese! Thank you Terry’s Unique Hot Sauce for 50 bottles of your Original hot sauce! Thank you Barrie Hill Farms for the strawberries and asparagus! Thank you Don’s Bakery Muskoka for the variety of baked goods! Wow there was a lot!! 😁 Thank you Dominion Farm Produce Ltd for the carrots, onions and beets! Thank you Alliston Creamery & Dairy for the butter! Thank you Homestead Farm for the farm fresh eggs! Thank you Stone Horse Farm for the pork bones that we used for making the broth!! Thank you COBS Bread for the loaves of bread and buns! And thank you Thorganic Farms for the ground beef! Wow! I’ve had it before and it is tasty!! 👌

And I got the garlic and toilet paper from Costco. And I got the bread crumbs from Walmart. And thank you CTV Barrie for stopping by again to help us spread the word about our fantastic program!

Without all of you, none of this would have been possible! I am so thankful to have gotten each item in these meal boxes! My vision for this program is to give low-income families foods that they aren’t used to getting because they’re premium items. Obviously not everything is premium – the milk is just normal 2% milk lol. The breadcrumbs are just normal breadcrumbs too. But the beef is organic black angus beef, the bread is artisan, the eggs are farm fresh, the cheese is a specialty cheese from the Dutch store. The hot sauce is local and made by Terry Williams, and Terry and his wife Karen Lang Williams are such incredible human beings. They’ve both just been amazing with helping me in so many ways. Today I gave them a delivery list that I already gave to someone else. Karen was so gracious with me when she called to tell me the person they tried to deliver to already had a box lol. Omg. I’m so lucky to have such great friends who can bare with me lol.

I also want to thank all the other volunteers who stepped up today and did some amazing work. Thank you Julie Campbell, Kemal Ahmet, Laurie Wright, Ben Cupello, Janet Patterson, Mallorie Jones, Kari Brand, Lisa Peterson, Amanda Spring and Ceylan Eker Kuru for everything you all did – whether it was picking strawberries, packing meal boxes, making deliveries, finding suppliers, doing pickups…. All of you were rockstars today and the recipients are also very thankful for all your hard work today! I keep getting texts, emails and messages from all the recipients telling me how much they love these meal boxes!

Finally, I want to thank everyone who donated financially to this event! Many members of Barrie Concerned Citizens have contributed to these meal boxes and I wanted to let you guys know that collectively, we raised nearly $3,000 for the June meal boxes! So whatever wasn’t spent on the June meal boxes will go towards the July meal boxes!! 🙂

And I just did a count, these meal boxes went to 158 people and 53% are children 🥰.

Our next meal box delivery day is scheduled to be on July 20th! And I can’t wait!!! 😁



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