I want to give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to Zehrs for this absolutely phenom

I want to give a HUGE shoutout and thank you to Zehrs for this absolutely phenomenal donation of school snacks for the Fresh Food Weekly School Snacks Food Drive! Today literally felt like Christmas! Thank you so much!! 🙏❤️👏 These school snacks are going to be given to low-income families living here in #Barrie on Sept. 1st!

Not too long ago, I was speaking to an elementary school teacher in Orangeville and she told me that as kids were coming back to school after the pandemic lockdowns, more and more children were coming to school with absolutely no lunches at all.

Since then, the prices of all things have gone way up and I can only imagine how many children will be coming to school with no lunches this year. Things are way worse now then they were only a few months ago and the cost of food literally keeps rising!

If you would like to make a school snacks donation, we are accepting non-refrigerated school snacks including juice boxes, cookies, crackers, fruit roll ups, rice crispy squares, dunk-a-roo’s, and anything else you think a child would like to have in their lunch pail. Please send me a PM to make arrangements for pickup or drop off! 😊

If you would like to apply for school snacks for your elementary school-aged children, please fill out the form on our website www.FreshFoodWeekly.com



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