We just had an 11 year old rob us. He is our neighbour’s kid

We just had an 11 year old rob us. He is our neighbour’s kid. He has been to our kids birthday parties. But because he’s under 12 we can’t charge him and his mom is on ODSP so if we took them to small claims we wouldn’t get anything anyways. We installed a camera after we had our garage broken into May 12. We are around the St.Vincent Grove street area. Cops came and at 10:30pm she retrieved the backpack. This kid has been hanging out with a kid that lives at Peel and Wellington in the townhouse where apparently the older brother steals and keeps stuff in a garage. We are still missing family ring -4 generations handed down and $171 but did get back our Bose speaker and old cell phone. Now, these kids always roam the streets no adult supervision. They are bored I get it. It says if you are ODSP if someone in your care is in custody you have to notify your caseworker. But since he’s not in custody because of his age, she doesn’t have to let them know. This is the 2nd time that I know of that a police report has been made on this kid. The other one was last year when he was 10. I recommend everyone get an outdoor security camera and you can register it with the police. My husband did confront this kid and his mom and the kid was sorry. But he wouldn’t be sorry if we didn’t have him on camera. That’s how I feel anyway. We need to come together as a community and protect ourselves and neighbour’s.


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