Far too many post of people complaining about the homeless in Barrie

Far too many post of people complaining about the homeless in Barrie.

Where exactly are they supposed to go?

There has been posts in this group of people complaining about the homeless being on public streets, in fields out of the way and now I’m bushed areas.


They are being evicted from EVERYWHERE they settle into because you folks have a problem looking at them. Majority of the individuals on the street are just trying to catch a break and having to constantly pack up and move because they are reported makes things harder than they already are.

You all will turn around and blame the city of Barrie, yet what are you doing about solving the issue yourself? Nothing. Just sitting on Facebook complaining that you have to look at HUMAN BEINGS.

“Ugh they have clothes hanging up and pillows and blankets everywhere”

Yeah, it’s called washing laundry to wear clean clothes and avoid infections and diseases. As well as bedding instead on sleeping on dirt.

“They’re going to burn the forest down”

What do you think humans did before HVAC in homes? You maintain the fire like a damn bon fire in your precious backyard or when you go “camping” on long weekends.

So much disgusting behaviour from my fellow citizens, ashamed that you all pretend to be good people when you’re sitting here judging someone you literally do not know for things out of their control.

It’s one thing if they are trespassing into your yard or home putting your safety as risk but they are just surviving like the rest of us and are being shamed for it.

You know what you can control? Being a shitty person. You all should take a minute to do some self reflection before you make another post showing how far your heads can go up your ass.

Help them or continue ignoring them but stop complaining that you have to witness their struggle because they are the ones living it and we are all one bad month from being right there next to them.

Don’t bother commenting to justify your complaints or argue because I’ve got the time today.


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